Burshane Petroleum Profile

Burshane Petroleum a world class 43,000 M. Tons Oil storage facilities based in the oldest and busiest port of Keamari, Karachi. Burshane Petroleum is an independent third party storage terminal that store different liquid chemical’s product. The storage Facility will meet international standards, complying with the equator principles for financing and will attract independent major and national companies to utilize the facilities on a long-term sustainable basis. At Burshane Petroleum, we strive to deliver results, perform to the highest standards, develop our people, provide quality customer service improvements. A firm foundation based on performance enables us to deliver strong returns and value growth for our shareholders greater and better choices for our customer and opportunities and improvements in the quality of life of our communities. In an unsettled world, our commitment to perform at every level continues to be both challenge and the aspiration. Burshane Petroleum is geared for the 21st century, we make buyer meet seller in a comfort zone that few other companies can match. Our motto is to get you what you want, at a price that you like, at a time when you need, of a quality that makes exceeds your expectations. We deal in all sorts of chemical related products.

Contact Person: M.Hashim Khan

Contact Number: 0331-7221729

Landline Number: 021-32862937 EXT-820

Email: m.hashim.khan@burshanepetroleum.com and info@burshanepetroleum.com