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About us

We are the first Storage Terminal that is ISO certified in Quality Management System, Health & Safety management System & Environmental Management System located in Keamari. BPPL monitor, measures, and analyze these processes as appropriate and take necessary actions to achieve the intended results and continually improve the overall BPPL HSEQ system.

Storage Tank Capacity

Empowering Energy for a Sustainable Future

Vision Statement

To be the most trusted and preferred petroleum & chemical storage services provider to the oil industries in Pakistan is our paramount objective, as we strive to amplify our impact and reach. Our dedication is unwavering as we embark on a journey to double our efforts and commitment to this cause. Our primary goal remains to maximize business through unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. By diligently meeting and exceeding customer requirements, we aspire to create lasting partnerships built on mutual trust and reliability.

Mission Statement

Burshane Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd is a business-oriented company, established to ensure the safe storage of bulk liquid products (petroleum, chemicals etc.) and promote a competitive petroleum products market in Pakistan. We provide our customers, with safe, reliable and efficient storage services, according to the international industry standards by investing in our intellectual capital, building and operating world-class terminal in strategic location of Pakistan.

General Manager Message

We store bulk liquid products with promising service quality as per the rules & regulations of latest ISO standards of quality, health & safety, environmental friendly operations by keeping international standards in consideration.

We are focusing on strategic factors to deliver it to our customers through our services by

Enhancing efficacy
Dynamic strategy
Risk Savvy
Creative Ownership
Productive People
Collective Leadership

Business Relationships

Business Relationships; BPPL intends to diversify its existing business customers and further consolidate its B2B domain. Our existing business customers range from Fertilizers to Independent Chemical Plants. We store Chemicals in our storage tanks by providing them services from Port to Our Terminal and then to their facility from our Shore to our large and well established Terminal via fleet of tank lorries with trackers to monitor the movement and ensure timely delivery of products to customers without any losses. Our key customers are well renowned and ‘big coups’ of the industry such as:

Redefining Storage Services Excellence


Investing in our people

Burshane Petroleum strives to strengthen the nation and drives the engines of prosperity by unlocking the full potential of our natural and human resources and by using the most responsible and innovative, safe, environmental friendly methods of operation. We aim to achieve this by working closely with our local customers to strike a sustainable balance between society’s current and future needs.

Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ)

ISO Certified (ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001)

Burshane Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL) is committed to ensure customer satisfaction through means of continual improvement, operational excellence while ensuring quality services (bulk storage of refined petroleum & chemical products and related terminal operations); occupational health & safety of its employees, contractors & general public; and related environmental concerns. In support to this commitment BPPL ensures it through:

Provision of safe and health working conditions for prevention of ill health, injuries Health safety & protection of environment, prevention of pollution which are considered at par with respect to quality while devising business plans and decision-making processes

Provision of adequate resources including infrastructure, HR, equipment and activities are being carried out by competent/ trained personnel to discharge their responsibilities with respect to HSEQ systems

Identification of health & safety hazards and environmental aspects of its operations and implementation of appropriate controls to eliminate hazards; mitigate or reduce risks and environmental impacts

Consultation, participation and involvement of employee over HSE issues and ensure that contractors are adhering to relevant HSE requirements of BPPL

Ensuring HSEQ compliance obligations are continually being met (applicable legal, statutory, customers and others requirements)

Our Objective
Empowering Energy Choices for a Brighter Tomorrow.

Our aspiration at Burshane Petroleum is to become the leading provider of specialized petroleum & chemical storage solutions worldwide. Through innovation, integrity, and excellence, we aim to continuously expand our infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain our position as a trusted partner in the petroleum industry.

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